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The Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (PMAHCC) realizes the substantial rewards of giving a way into educational opportunities to eager Hispanic students. PMAHCC supports scholarship funds of the Hispanic community in Pittsburgh and continues to give time and effort in the accumulation and security of their resources to benefit the continuous rise of the number of outstanding students.

Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s members and their supporters encourage you to contribute to this project and help make a difference and improve the community.

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 Scholarship recipient, Jose Miguel Juarez, was chosen to accompany the famed Dr. Patch Adams, founder of the Gesundheit! Institutefor a medical Humanitarian outreach service in Guatemala.

PMAHCC President, Carmen Malloy (Peoples Gas),

discusses why scholarships for Hispanics are so important

Our Scholarship Program since 2011

2019: 26 Scholarships / $34,000*

2018: 22 Scholarships / $26,000

2017: 23 Scholarships / $27,000

2016: 17 Scholarships / $25,000
2015:  15 Scholarships / $26,000
2014:  16 Scholarships / $27,000
2013:  18 Scholarships / $23,000 
2012:  8 Scholarships / $12,000 
2011:  1 Scholarships / $2,000

Total Scholarships: 146  Total Amount Awarded: $202,000

*This includes $7,000 in scholarships at Penn State Greater Allegheny from funds raised at our Annual Celebrity Charity Basketball Game

Rob Vega Memorial Scholarship

Learn More About Our 2019 Recipients


Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization

1555 Broadway Avenue Second Floor  Pittsburgh PA 15219 U.S.A.

Phone: (412) 533-9300  ● email:

*The PMAHCC Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization 

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