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Photography Intern

Period of Internship:

3 months

20 hours per week required if for credit. Hours vary based on event and requires local travel for events.

Noncredit internships are flexible.

Intern Responsibilities:

- To build a library of pictures that were shot and edited to upload on social media and our website and other promotional items in relation to PMAHCC

- The right is granted to the photographer to utilize all photos for self-promotion purposes including on a website/in a portfolio.

- Will be overseen by board member and photographer from popular Pittsburgh production company

- All works will be considered under work-for-hire copyright laws. Copyrights will remain with PMAHCC, however, the right is granted

 to the author to utilize all videos for self-promotion purposes including on a website/in a portfolio

Internship Benefits:

- Training provided with mentoring

- Participation: Meetings,events, etc

- Compensation: Internship is voluntary

- Will receive letter of recommendation from PMAHCC

- Will make invaluable connections with some of Pittsburgh's most important business and community leaders and get increased 

visibility for their work

- Interns do not need to be of Hispanic origin

How to Apply:

- Submit resume to:

- Followed by an interview

If you have any questions please call Melanie Marie Boyer at 412-999-0808

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